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Explain FM stereo \(\frac{T_x}{R_x}\) system with block schematic diagrams.

20 June, 2022
A stereo FM transmission is a system in which, adequate information is sent to the receiver in order to reproduce the original stereo sound signal. The stereo FM system is made compatible with the usual mono FM system, so that it is possible to receive FM stereo transmission even using mono FM receiver.

Considering a message signal \(e_m=E_mcos\omega_mt\) and carrier signal by \(e_c=E_csin\left(\omega_c+\theta\right)t\), find the expression of the resultant FM wave.

20 June, 2022
The general expression of FM signal is \(S\left(t\right)=E_csin\left(\omega_ct+\theta\right)\) \(S\left(t\right)=E_csin\left(\omega_ct+2\pi k_f\int_{0}^{t}{e_mdt}\right)\)

Explain briefly the VSB-SC modulation

20 June, 2022
The block diagram for generation of VSB signal is shown in Fig. 17. The block diagram consists of incoming message signal \(x\left(t\right)\), carrier signal \(A_ccos2\pi f_ct\), balanced modulator and a Low Pass Filter (LPF).

Write short notes on:

  • Envelope detector
24 June, 2024
The second method of the non-coherent AM detection is Envelope Detector. In this circuit modulated signal Vin(t) is used as an input signal. The source resistance RS is connected in series with the active non-linear p-n junction diode.