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Derive the relationship between modulation index and modulated signal amplitude for sinusoidally modulated DSB-TC signal

21 June, 2022
Let the modulated AM signal \(s\left(t\right)=\left[A_c+A_mx\left(t\right)\right]cos2\pi f_ct\) ……………..... (1) \({s\left(t\right)=A}_c\left[1+\frac{A_m}{A_c}x\left(t\right)\right]cos2\pi f_ct\)

What is angle modulation?

21 June, 2022
In exponential modulation the angle of the carrier is varied in according with the baseband signal. For this reason, exponential modulation is also referred to as angle modulation.

Draw and explain the square – law modulator.

21 June, 2022
The device that generates an amplitude modulated wave is called an amplitude modulator. In this method, the linear device that will be used is a normal P-N junction diode.

What do you mean by thermal and white noise?

21 June, 2022
The thermal noise also known as Johnson noise. The free electrons within a conductor are always in random motion. This random motion is due to the thermal energy received by them. The distribution of this free electrons within a conductor at a given instant of time is not uniform.

Explain the terms selectivity, sensitivity and fidelity of receiver.

21 June, 2022
The selectivity of a receiver is defined as the ability to accept a given band of frequencies and reject all other unwanted frequencies is called its selectivity. It also express the attenuation that the receiver offers to signal at frequencies adjacent to the one to which it is tuned.

What is Carson’s rule? Explain it.

20 June, 2022
Carson’s rule provides a thumb formula to calculate the bandwidth of a single tone wideband FM.