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Discuss the differences between command file and executable file.

1 June, 2022
Both files are commonly found in a program’s root installation directory and both run programs when opened. Often, they even have the same Windows icon. To the average user, .BAT and .EXE files appear nearly identical.

What is the benefit of using arrays of pointers instead of several pointer variables?

23 January, 2022
The benefit of using arrays of pointers is that you can use a for loop

How insertion sort and selection sorts are different?

23 January, 2022
Both sorting techniques maintains two sub-lists, sorted and unsorted and both take one element at a time and places it into sorted sub-list.

What is linear searching?

23 January, 2022
Linear search tries to find an item in a sequentially arranged data type. These sequentially arranged data items known as array or list, are accessible in incrementing memory location.