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Difference between JPEG and Bitmap

24 June, 2024
The full form JPEG is Joint Photographic Experts Group. And there are two extensions used to store image in this format, these are .jpg and .jpeg .


24 June, 2024
It is used to alter or change the size of objects. The change is done using scaling factors. There are two scaling factors, i.e. Sx in x direction Sy in y-direction. If the original position is x and y. Scaling factors are Sx and Sy then the value of coordinates after scaling will be x1 and y1.


24 June, 2024
It is the straight line movement of an object from one position to another is called Translation. Here the object is positioned from one coordinate location to another.

Introduction of Transformations

24 June, 2024
Computer Graphics provide the facility of viewing object from different angles. The architect can study building from different angles i.e. 1. Front Evaluation

Describe Scan Line Polygon Fill Algorithm.

24 June, 2024
This algorithm lines interior points of a polygon on the scan line and these points are done on or off according to requirement. The polygon is filled with various colors by coloring various pixels.

Describe Flood Fill Algorithm.

24 June, 2024
In this method, a point or seed which is inside region is selected. This point is called a seed point. Then four connected approaches or eight connected approaches is used to fill with specified color.

Write down Bresenham's Circle Algorithm .

24 June, 2024
Scan-Converting a circle using Bresenham's algorithm works as follows: Points are generated from 90° to 45°, moves will be made only in the +x & -y directions as shown in fig: