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Explain how to reduce a relationship set of an E-R diagram into relational schema.

23 January, 2022
There are several processes and algorithms available to convert ER Diagrams into Relational Schema. Some of them are automated and some of them are manual. We may focus here on the mapping diagram contents to relational basics.

State the steps involved in query processing. Why is the query optimization needed?

23 January, 2022
Query processing refers to the range of activities involved in extracting data from a database. The activities include translation of queries in high-level database languages into expressions that can be used at the physical level of the file system,

What is attribute inheritance? Describe the concept of specialization and generalization in the context of ER-data model.

24 July, 2024
The higher-level entity type (or super-class) has the attributes that are common to all of its lower-level entity types (or sub-classes). These common attributes of the super-class are inherited by all of its sub-classes. This property is known as attribute inheritance.

State the advantages of using database system over file-based information system.

24 July, 2024
The database approach offers a number of potential advantages compared to traditional file processing systems.