Published on: 24 June, 2024

Explain Sequence and Activity diagram with example.


Sequence diagram:

A Sequence diagram is an interaction diagram that shows how processes operate with one another and in what order. A sequence diagram shows object interactions arranged in time sequence.  It depicts the objects and classes involved in the scenario and the sequence of messages exchanged between the objects needed to carry out the functionality of the scenario. An important characteristic of a sequence diagram is that time passes from top to bottom: the interaction starts near the top of the diagram and ends at the bottom.

Activity diagram:

Activity diagrams are graphical representations of workflows of stepwise activities and actions. Activity diagram is basically a flow chart to represent the flow form one activity to another activity. The activity can be described as an operation of the system. It captures the dynamic behaviour of the system. Activity diagrams are not only used for visualizing dynamic nature of a system but they are also used to construct the executable system by using forward and reverse engineering techniques.

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