Published on: 1 October, 2023

Define packet switching and circuit switching. What is MANET?



Packet switching: In packet switched network, the message is divided into packets of fixed or variable size. In packet switching, there is no allocation for a packet and there is no scheduled processing time for each packet. Resources are allocated on demand. The allocation is done on a first-come, first-served basis. Packet switching is done at the network layer. There are two types of packet switching techniques: 1) datagram switching 2) virtual circuit switching.


Circuit switching: Circuit switching occurs at the physical layer. A circuit switched network consists of a set of switches connected by physical links. It consists of three phases:1) setup phase 2) data transfer phase 3) setup phase. The resources need to be reserved during the setup phase, the resources remain dedicated for the entire duration of data transfer until the teardown phase.   


MANET is mobile adhoc network. It is an autonomous system of mobile stations connected by wireless links to form a network. Ad hoc networks are peer to peer where the data packets are transmitted from a source to a destination via intermediate nodes.


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