Published on: 23 January, 2022

Consider the following relations and write down expressions for the following queries:

EMP (eid, ename, age, address, salary)

Works (eid, did, hours)

Dept (did, dname, managerid)

  1. List the names of employees who work for the ‘Research’ department for 8 hours using Relational Algebra.
  2. List the name and address of all employees with department number 5 using Relational Calculas.
  3. Find the managerid of managers who manage only departments with budgets greater than 1 lac using SQL.
  4. Find the employee who has highest salary using SQL.


  1. Insufficient information. We are just assuming the Relation Works as Works (eid, did, hours, budget).

    Hence the answer will be as follows:



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