Published on: 30 May, 2022

Define Quality Planning


A quality plan describes how an organisation will achieve its quality objectives. It describes the quality objectives and specifies the quality assurance and control activities to be performed in day-to-day company operations. In the case of a software development organisation individual quality plans may be prepared for each software or systems engineering project.

An organisational quality plan is typically prepared by the Quality Manager and covers the following issues:

 Quality objectives and goals

        The overall objectives of the quality management programme together with measurable goals to be achieved

 Quality management system scope

        Who and what will be impacted by the quality management system. For example: process scope, product scope, organisational scope

 Organisation & responsibilities

         Organisational structure, reporting relationships and roles and responsibilities for quality

 Resource requirements

          Identification of the people and resources required to develop, use, maintain and improve the quality management system

 Cost benefit analysis

          A quality program cost benefit analysis addressing issues such as: the cost of poor quality, the cost to improve quality and the cost benefits to be achieved

 Activities and deliverables

          The quality management system elements will be produced/improved The quality management system development activities required

 Schedule

         The timeframes in which the work will be achieved together with major milestones for quality management system element delivery, review and deployment.

Risk analysis

         An analysis of what could go wrong together with strategies for risk reduction.

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