Published on: 24 July, 2024

Write a short note on Bathe hole coupler.


Bathe hole coupler has a single centre offset hole in the common broad wall of the two guides and the coupling between port 1 and 3 is controlled by the offset of the hole i.e., the angle θ between the axis of the two guides determines the amount of coupling. Also the frequency of operation and the size of hole determine the amount of coupling. The construction of Bathe hole coupler is presented in Fig. 11. Here the directivity is improved as the Bathe coupler relies on a single hole for coupling process rather than the separation between two holes. The power entering port 1 is coupled to the co – axial probe output and the power entering port 2 in absorbed by the matched load. The auxiliary guide is placed at such an angle that the magnitude of the magnetically exited wave for improves directivity.

Fig. 11 Bathe hole coupler

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