Published on: 29 June, 2022

Write notes on Mixing and Mixer machines of concrete.



Thorough mixing of the materials is essential for the production of uniform concrete. The mixing should ensure that the mass becomes homogeneous, uniform in color and consistency. There are two methods adopted for mixing concrete:

  1. hand mixing,
  2. machine mixing.

Mixer Machines:-

As per IS: 1791-1985, concrete mixers are designated by a number representing its nominal mixed batch capacity in lit. The following are the standardized sizes of three types:

  1. Tilting: 85T,100T, 140T, 200T.
  2. Non-Tilting: 200NT, 280NT, 375NT, 500NT, 1000NT.
  3. Reversing: 200R, 280R, 375R, 500R, 1000R.
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